A PROTEST demanding better pay for hospitality workers will take place in Malaga city centre today.

Spain’s two main working unions CCOO and UGT are leading the demonstration against bar and restaurant workers’ low pay.

They argue that the food industry is obtaining huge benefits this summer on the Costa del Sol’s capital, which is not being translated into higher compensations for workers.

“This has been the most successful summer in the history of Malaga in terms of tourism, so it’s time to ask for fair compensations for the people who make this possible,” they said on a statement.

“During the pandemic, wages were freezed but now the conditions have changed and we’re asking for what is fair,” Lola Villalba, Secretary of Malaga Provincial Working Union, said.

Unions are asking for a 4% wage increase this year, followed by two further increments of 3% in 2024 and 2025.

They insist that if their demands are not met, the leaders of the social movement may call for strike action.The protest, will start at 10am from Malaga Civic Centre.

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