NATURE enthusiasts and stargazers in Malaga are in for a dazzling treat as the annual Perseids meteor shower graces the night skies.

This celestial spectacle, renowned for its breathtaking display of shooting stars, is set to paint the Malaga skies this weekend with its luminous trails.

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For those eager to witness this natural wonder, here’s a guide on where and when to catch the Perseids meteor shower in Malaga.

What are they?

The Perseids meteor shower occurs annually as Earth passes through the debris left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet.

When these tiny particles collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, they create the brilliant streaks of light that we know as shooting stars.

This natural light show has captured human imagination for centuries, inspiring awe and wonder.

Timing is Everything

The peak of the Perseids meteor shower is expected during the nights of August 12 and 13, when the meteor activity is set to be at its most prolific.

The best time to view the shower is late into the night and just before dawn when stargazers can expect to see up to 60 meteorites per hour, although they can also be seen at dusk, from 10 pm onwards.

Prime Viewing Spots

While the Perseids can be observed from various locations in Malaga, some spots offer optimal conditions for an unforgettable experience.

As with all astronomical phenomena, they are best observed in places with little light pollution.

The following paces are the key spots to observe them in Malaga:
– El Cochino viewpoint
– Serrato Malaga
– Pocopan viewpoint
– Maro Cliffs
– Casasola Reservoir


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