THIS is the concerning moment a young tourist is seen lying motionless on the ground with a long stream of blood flowing from his head during a night out in Mallorca.

In footage shared online, a young man in a blue t-shirt is seen sprawled out and face down on the Punta Ballena strip in Magaluf at around 5.15am on Sunday.

A fellow reveller who is seen trying to pick up and move the tourist is then suddenly attacked by another man, who punches him in the head.

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A brawl involving multiple people erupts as a passerby captures the chaotic moment on their mobile phone.

No one has been arrested over the incident, aided by the fact that there has been no official complaint made, reports local Spanish newspaper Cronica Balear.

A local told the paper: ‘Magaluf is a jungle and the savage fights are daily… the brawls between tourists are now the most normal thing in the world.’

Another resident added that many are living in fear of the unruly tourists. 

They claim to avoid driving down certain streets because they are worried drunk revellers will jump on their cars.

‘We are tired of calling the local police and Civil Guard and seeing nothing happen,’ one said, ‘They need to double or triple the number of agents to have the minimum amount of order.’ 

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