LOCAL street photographers have come together to showcase a collection of snaps taken in the heart of British cities.

Including places like London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Bristol, the exhibition gives an authentic look at life in England.

The showcase has already arrived in Estepona and can be viewed at the Casa de las Tejerinas from now until August 30. 

David Tomé and Martin Corradini, the artists behind it all, met each other through a Fuengirola-based collective, Colectivo Imagen.

After viewing some of each other’s work, they realised they had similarities and both wanted to collaborate.

The pair both care about social causes and said: “We also have a strong social awareness; we share a feeling of wanting to give back to the community. With the Collective, we regularly come together to sell some pieces and donate the funds to local charities.”

Photograph by Martín Corradini

Street photography is a form of photography that features candid depictions of humanity.

It takes everyday life in everyday spaces and sheds light on the often overlooked intricacies of our routine.

This genre requires a lot of patience and chance, as it is quite unpredictable – reminiscent of real life.

Although they say it is not particularly challenging to shoot the movement, the pair gave examples of when a certain photo may take a long time to achieve.

One example from David was a photograph of two doors, one red and one yellow, with a striking silhouette in front.

Shots like these, he revealed, can take a while, as he spent 10 minutes on three consecutive days to get the right framing and lighting.

Photograph by David Tomé

In the future, the pair teased ideas of a similar project based on the Costa del Sol, but nothing is set in stone yet.


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