AN enraged driver who allegedly assaulted a number of police agents after testing positive for drugs has been arrested in Elche. 

The 57-year-old man is accused of breaking the glasses of a local police officer and causing minor injuries to other agents.

The incident occurred after officers spotted a vehicle that stopped suddenly and began reversing when the driver became aware of their presence.

The agents approached the car, which had two occupants, and conducted a drug test on the driver. 

He tested positive for a number of drugs, so police told him they had to immobilise the vehicle. 

The accused then started behaving aggressively and allegedly said to the officers ‘you are not taking the car. I’m going to fix this with a gun and when I see you in the street, I’ll shoot you.’ 

He is then said to have hit an agent on the face, breaking his glasses.

And when other officers reduced him, he allegedly caused them minor injuries. 

After the struggle, the angry driver was arrested and taken to a nearby police station. 

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