ANOTHER Irish tourist accused of drug dealing has been arrested in Spain’s Balearic Islands, the second in less than a week. 

The Irishman, who is in his twenties according to police sources, was allegedly caught in possession of cocaine, viagra and ecstasy. 

“He started running when we asked him to identify himself, but we caught him shortly after,” a Guardia Civil spokesman told the Olive Press

The Guardia added: “It is common for foreign tourists to sell drugs during the summer to pay for their crazy holiday in Spain.”

Now, his vacation has e been ruined as the young holidaymaker has been arrested and the 540 € he had in cash that day were seized. 

The young dealer becomes the second Irishman arrested in Spain’s Balearic Islands in less than one week, as the Olive Press published on Monday the detention of his fellow countryman in Ibiza. 

The holidaymaker was allegedly caught with 28 g of cocaine, 15 ecstasy pills and a quantity of marijuana inside a body gel bottle in his suitcase after arriving at the island’s airport. 

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