THE Government of Gibraltar launched a broadside against the opposition GSD for ‘spewing rubbish’ and harming tourism on the Rock over complaints of a pest infestation.

The Environmental Agency singled out GSD spokesperson Damon Bossino for not having his facts straight in what he referred to as a proliferation of cockroaches and rats in Gibraltar.

The agency, responsible for pest control on government land and property, hit back with a number of statistics to disprove the claims.

They revealed that the number of pest-related complaints in 2023 stands at 559, compared to 733 in the entirety of 2022. 

They argued that the data contradicts the notion of an overwhelming ‘infestation’ and suggests that the situation has been consistent and manageable.

They also called the presence of pests such as American and German cockroaches, as well as brown and black rats a typical occurrence for areas with a Mediterranean climate.

Bossino had previously said that the infestations hurt Gibraltar’s tourist image, especially during the summer season.

He had called on the issue to be resolved as a basic issue of hygiene.


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