As calls intensify for Spanish Football Federation chairman Luis Rubiales to resign over the forced kiss he gave captain Jenni Hermoso after Spain’s Women’s World Cup win, critics recall his previous controversies since coming to power in 2018.

Rubiales, who was elected President of the institution on May 17 2018, was provisionally suspended by FIFA from all football-related activities last August 26. 

Rubiales five years in power have not been without controversy, as a number of scandals have tarnished his image.  

In September 2022, his own uncle, Juan Rubiales, came out against him after reportedly being fired from his job at RFEF over accusations of leaking confidential information with the aim of damaging his nephew’s reputation. 

Juan Rubiales confided that Luis Rubiales would use a large cabin in the province of Granada to host sordid parties for his closest allies and fellow board members.

Present at these gatherings would be around eight to ten young prostitutes, there under the pretence of a ‘work event’, with their pay and all other expenses stuck on the Federation’s tab, which is funded with public money. 

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