AUTUMN weather will hit Spain this weekend with storms hitting nearly all of the country caused by an Atlantic front that is approaching the Gulf of Cadiz.

It’s technical name is DANA- standing for ‘Isolated Depression in High Levels’ and is referred to in Spain as a Gota Fria(Cold Drop).

Forecasters are predicting torrential rain, hail, and strong winds from Saturday.

Francisco Martin- specialist in extreme weather conditions for Metoered- said: “The appearance of a DANA that is more typical of the months of October and November will be a historic and extraordinary event.”

“It is a DANA that comes with very low pressure and very cold anomalies that will react to a very warm sea such as the Mediterranean,” he added.

“This DANA has all the necessary ingredients to trigger a generalised storm of abundant and potentially torrential rainfall in some areas,” warned Martin.

The expert said that the phenomenon would arrive from the Gulf of Cadiz and with its winds and the interaction with the Atlas mountains, it will generate a ‘Mediterranean secondary low downwind’ which will develop off the Costa Blanca and the Murcia region coast.

“This secondary low is gasoline for the fire because it provides water vapour from a very warm sea in the east and will create the moisture needed for the development of storms and abundant rainfall,” said Martin.

He warned that the DANA ‘will wander around the Iberian Peninsula with a cyclonic movement’, meaning that heavy storms can appear anywhere in the country from Saturday.

Martin predicted that north-east Spain and the Balearic Islands could get the worst of the weather along with the Pyrenees.

He also projected that the DANA will be around until next Thursday.

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