A ‘dangerous’ Hells Angels biker accused of a number of drug related crimes has been arrested in Spain’s Ibiza. 

The two-metre-tall German, who had been living on the Spanish island since September 2022, was arrested at Ibiza’s Port while enjoying a meal at an exclusive restaurant, Guardia Civil has confirmed to the Olive Press. 

The 37-year-old was wanted by the German authorities for drug trafficking, specially cocaine, meth and hash, and could face a 15-year-prison sentence. 

After discovering the criminal was living in Ibiza’s old town, Guardia Civil officers set up a surveillance operation that concluded with his arrest on September 6. 

“He is around 2-metre (6.6 ft) tall and very corpulent. The agents that detained him are not short at all, but he was still one head taller than them. He did not resist the arrest,” a Guardia Civil spokesman told the Olive Press. 

Moment when the big biker is arrested by agents. Video: Guardia Civil.

Established in USA’s California in 1948, Hells Angels is the largest motorcycle club in the world and it is often involved in organised crime. 

“They are also spread across Europe and are particularly strong in Germany. They are known for their involvement in brutal drug trafficking operations,” the Guardia spokesman continued. 

He added: “We don’t know the importance of this particular individual in the gang, but we know he is dangerous.”

“I can now confirm that, this morning, a judge has declared he is to be remanded in prison until the trial takes place.” the agent concluded. 

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