ONE of the world’s most prestigious celebrations of literature comes to the Spanish heartland this week with the arrival of the Hay Festival.

The town of Segovia is currently abuzz with the British staple of the literary calendar kicking off its three-day book bonanza with a series of talks, workshops and exhibitions.

The gathering draws authors from diverse backgrounds, including Anglo-Saxon, Latin American, Spanish, and other literary traditions to talk about their works and literature in general. 

The former Roman aqueduct town is hosting a kaleidoscope of well-known figures including Andrea Marcolongo, Marta Robles and Félix Valdivieso.

The Spanish incarnation of the Hay Festival is now guided by Cristina Fuentes La Roche, a Madrileña with Canarian roots. 

The festival’s original concept was to encourage discussions about ideas, which swiftly evolved into a platform for literary dissemination and debate. 

Fuentes explains that this model, originating in Wales, soon attracted Latin American literature enthusiasts, which led to the inclusion of Segovia in the Hay Festival family.

Other figures involve include: Andrea Marcolongo, Marta Robles, Félix Valdivieso, Jesse Norman, Carlos Franganillo, Rosa Montero, Ray Loriga, John Maeda, Juan Carlos Galindo, Javier Cercas, Fernando Trueba, and many others.

It runs from September 14 – 17.


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