MOTORISTS in Malaga face some of the most varying petrol prices in all of Spain, with the difference between the cheapest and most expensive coming to €23 for a 60-litre tank.

Self-service stations may have minimal staff, but they offer competitive prices that can help out struggling drivers, according to a recent report from Spain’s national association of self-service fuel stations (Aesae).

The report highlights that the most substantial savings are for 95-octane petrol, ranging from €8 to €23 depending on the location. 

Diesel users can also enjoy savings, albeit slightly lower, with up to €24 in potential savings on a full tank.

Being the most commonly used fuel, diesel offers less dramatic price differences. 

Choosing the cheapest option can save up to €0.35 per litre or €21.00 per tank. In this category, Malaga ranks eighth, with Madrid demonstrating the most radical differences.

The key factor contributing to these differences is the lower cost structure of self-service stations compared to traditional ones, enabling cost savings to be passed on to consumers.


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