A GROUP of diners have sparked debate online after blasting a restaurant for charging them €17 to eat their own cake.

The youngsters had brought their own dessert to the eatery in Almeria, Andalucia, and ate it at the establishment following a meal.

However when the bill arrived, a charge of €17 had been applied for so-called ‘cake service’.

As there were 17 people in the group, it amounted to €1 extra each.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by user @Saraysolar, one of the young diners can be seen reading the receipt in shock.

She shouts: “€17 to have the cake or for each plate… just to use a plate?!”

Many commenters shared the young woman’s frustrations, with some saying the restaurant should have warned them about the charge to begin with.

However others defended the business, arguing that it was fair for them to charge.

One commented: “I see it as fair. 17 dishes that the waiter had to carry, pick up, clean. With all the expense and effort that entails. You are not at home.”

Another wrote: “I work in a restaurant where there are cakes. If you bring your cake I charge for the plate (service) because it is something that is inside the restaurant.”

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