CAMPAIGNERS are demanding energy supplier Endesa be investigated after scores of customers reported ‘irregular’ charges on their bills.

The charges have reportedly been going on for months and are listed as ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘other concepts’.

Consumer rights group FACUA has now raised the issue with Spain’s Ministry of Consumer Affairs, demanding the firm be investigated.

It is also calling for the giant to be fined for issuing the charges and for the ‘lack of transparency’ in telling its customers what they were supposedly attributed to.

Endesa has been issuing the additional charges since February, reports Andalucia Informacion.

The company told FACUA that the mistakes were due to a calculation error and that the moneys will be returned to those affected.

FACUA said it has received scores of complaints from customers.

It is now urging all Endesa users to check their bills this year to see if there are any irregular charges.

They will read in Spanish as “abono por calidad individual”, “varios” or “otros conceptos”.

Anyone who believes they may have been overcharged must present their claims in writing to Endesa, which is obliged to reply within five days or pay a compensation fee of €30.

Endesa operates in 24 provinces across Spain and supplies energy to more than 21 million people.

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