A BUILDER renovating an Ontinyent property had the escape of his life on Thursday when the house collapsed on top of him.

Emergency services got a call saying that a 57-year-old man was trapped under the rubble on Avenida de Sant Francesc.

His colleagues tried to help him but despite being covered in dust and debris, he was conscious.

Firefighters rescued the victim and he was taken to the Lluis Alcanyis Hospital in Xativa.

The extent of his injuries has not been revealed but he was trapped from the waist down, suggesting possible leg fractures.

First indications suggested that the first floor gave way due to the amount of pallets containing heavy construction material that had been placed there.

The building, which has been sealed off, was described as ‘old’ and the contractors had all the appropriate licences and permits to carry out the renovations.

It’s the second property collapse in Ontinyent in a matter of weeks.

On September 29, two people were injured on Calle Santa Rosa when the second floor caved in.


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