THE Desokupa founder has threatened a couple mistreating their pitbull with an ‘eviction’ if they do not hand the dog over within three days.

Lia was taken from her owners in Ibiza a year ago after harrowing images of abuse emerged in September 2022.

She was reported to be chained up on a terrace day and night no matter the weather, unable to drink or eat because of her muzzle, alone and ‘among garbage and her own excrement.’

Yet the dog was returned to its owners after the San Antoni town hall said that it could not ‘verify the mistreatment’.

Now, the Foundation Against Animal Abuse has posted photos showing the dog tied and muzzled on the same terrace once again.

Lia was taken from her owners in Sept 2022 after reports of abuse, but later returned

This has prompted Daniel Esteve of Desokupa, the notorious squatter eviction company, to demand, on Thursday November 16, that the couple hand over the dog within three days.

“This is a video for the animal abusers de mierda, who are once again beating their dog in Ibiza,” he said ominously in a social media post. 

“Deliver the dog to whoever you want, foster home or private home. If not, within a few days, there will be an ‘eviction operation’ on the island in Ibiza.

“I think we will go out together to walk the dog and you will hand her over to me voluntarily.”

He added: “If you lay a hand on your dog again, karma will come to visit you. Karma will be relentless. And Karma will send you a message that you will not forget in your f***ing life. 

“You have three days to give up your dog.”

The Foundation Against Animal Abuse had originally taken in the dog and tried to socialise her, giving her the care that she had been lacking.

Daniel Esteve, the founder of Desokupa, has demanded the owners give up the dog within 3 days

They had awaited a resolution from the San Antoni town hall that would permit them to put Lia up for adoption.

Yet in what seems to be a failure of the system, the town hall did not consider abuse to have taken place, despite the reports presented by the foundation.

“The pitbull puppy ‘Lía’ has been taken in by her owner after having granted him the Potentially Dangerous Dogs (PPP) licence,” the Can Gossos adoption agency announced.

The Foundation Against Animal Abuse slammed the decision, claiming the town hall ‘they invited her the possibility of a life with love and respect and instead condemned her to a life of abuse and loneliness.’


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