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Inguinal hernia pain… what is the best solution?

If you are suffering from hernia pain, daily discomfort, nauseas and weakness are most likely your companions in your everyday life.

An inguinal hernia occurs when intestinal tissues protrude into the abdominal area causing acute, sharp pain in the sufferer.
In most cases, this type of hernia worsens over time leading to strangulation, which calls for emergency surgery and possible health risks.

Resorting to a surgical intervention can definitely alleviate the pain caused by the hernia, and provide a permanent relief to the patient.

If you happen to be interested but have doubts about what this surgery entails, read on to learn more, and also a quick solution in Spanish private healthcare: Operarme.com, a company specialised in surgery offering a rapid surgical process for a competitive price.

Why should you choose inguinal hernia surgery over conventional treatments?

Well, it is one of the most performed surgeries, a simple procedure, with no risks for post-surgery complications and a high rate of success.
While some patients try to delay the operation as much as possible by resorting to conventional treatments such as medication or a supportive undergarment known as hernia truss, surgical repair is the only effective treatment to completely eliminate it.

Depending on the size and type of hernia, this surgery can be approached from two different techniques:

In the traditional method, known as open inguinal hernia repair, the surgeon pushes the protruding tissue back into the abdomen through a small incision, and places a mesh to reinforce the area where the hernia was located.

Nowadays, there is also the possibility of undergoing a minimally invasive technique through laparoscopic repair: through small incisions, the surgeon repairs a hernia with a mesh under the help of a tiny camera.

Both techniques aim to have the same goal: preventing the hernia from recurring thanks to the mesh placed in the abdominal wall.

How long will it take you to fully recover from the surgery?

Recovery time is gradual but rapid, meaning that patients will be able to fully recover in about 2 weeks after surgery.
Surgeons always recommend resuming light activities within a week, and gradually returning to normal daily activities to allow the operated area to heal properly.

Generally, the postoperative period after inguinal hernia repair is painless and the patient suffers no severe pain nor great discomfort during the entire recovery period.

The worst discomfort you will experience right after surgery will last for the first two days, which can always be effectively controlled with painkillers.

Have you made up your mind and are interested in surgery?

If you have decided to choose a permanent surgical solution for your inguinal hernia problem, you’ve made the right decision.

When seeking the best treatment, experienced surgeons and competitive prices, Operarme.com stands out as the best choice for your surgical procedure.

Operarme.com is a private medical company specialising in surgery, which offers you the best professionals and fixed prices to solve your health problem in the easiest and quickest way.

Operarme’s services provide personalised attention in English from the outset, transfer service to the hospital on the day of admission and back home upon discharge, in addition to other advantageous and crucial elements incorporated in the fixed cost, ensuring the success for Inguinal hernia surgery:

  • Personalised management and attention throughout the process in English
  • Hospital costs and mesh included.
  • Private hospital room with an extra bed for a companion.
  • Medical complications insurance
  • Complete preoperative tests (blood analysis, electrocardiogram and chest-X rays).
  • Included hospital stay (1-2 days).
  • Transfer service
  • Post-surgery visit.

If you are interested in requesting a free surgical assessment consultation for inguinal hernia surgery with Operarme.com, you can contact their Patient Service team by calling at +34 91 141 33 56, or by sending a contact form on their website: www.operarme.com.

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