A HUGE boa constrictor has terrorised Alicante citizens after it escaped from a balcony this week. 

After alerting the Guardia Civil, the two metre long snake was collected by Elche’s Nature Protection Services (Sepra).

The serpent was given to Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm to take care of until a better home can be found. 

The snake is now on display at Terra Natura zoo. Photo: Guardia Civil

Under Spain’s recent animal protection act, it is illegal to keep the species as a pet.

It is believed the snake escaped from a balcony and hid in a park in La Florida, Alicante until authorities could identify its exact location. 

According to the Guardia Civil, this kind of snake can reach up to five metres long and is known for killing its prey by strangulation. 

Terra Natura vets have carried out tests to verify the health of the animal, as well as chipping the snake so that it can be identified in future. 

David Marti, head of amphibian study at the zoo said: “These animals are complex to care for, so they should not be kept in homes as if they were pets.”

David Marti holding the snake. Photo: Guardia Civil

Located in the Pangea Volcano area, visitors can now see the snake on display. 

The Guardia Civil has reminded the public that keeping these animals is an offence and could have serious consequences for the safety of other citizens.


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