THE TINY camera pictured above was the tool used by a landlord in Mallorca to secretly record 10 of his tenants, most of them female, over a five-year period. Police managed to recover around 450 files that captured the victims naked, having sexual relations or during intimate moments. 

According to a report in Diario de Mallorca, the suspect, a 47-year-old Portuguese national, admitted to having installed micro-cameras in the bathrooms and bedrooms of his tenants, most of whom were young women, invading their privacy over a number of years. 

His partner, a Bolivian woman, denied having been involved but the court investigation into the case revealed the existence of a voice message that she had sent to one of the victims admitting her knowledge of the spying. 

The activities of the pair came to light after one of the female tenants discovered a camera in her bathroom. The suspect claimed that the device was a Wi-Fi extender but she was not convinced. 

A spy camera
National Police

After speaking to her fellow tenants, one of them decided to search a computer belonging to the suspect, which she had been given permission to use. 

They found images of a former roommate, who no longer lived with them, that had been recorded in the bathroom. 

The three victims filed a police report, and were asked to bring the device that they had found with them to the police station, according to Diario de Mallorca. Investigators confirmed that it was indeed a micro-camera and that it contained videos of the three women naked. 

A police search later turned up two more hidden cameras, a computer and several memory cards that contained similar images of a total of 10 people, including several from another property where the suspect’s partner, the Bolivian national, lived. 

In total, 450 files were recovered, prompting the police to investigate whether or not they had been shared on the internet. Fortunately for the victims, they found no proof that they had.

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