MEET Aitana, the latest Spanish supermodel, whose looks are turning heads.

But the ‘celebrities’ who are said to be sending her private messages looking for a date will be sorely disappointed – she does not actually exist.

Aitana is Spain’s first Artificial Intelligence created model and she is raking in up to €10,000 a month for her creators at agency The Clueless from a series of ad campaigns.

And her Instagram site now has 125,000 followers, with many of them having no idea she is nothing more than a series of electrons.

Aitana. Photo credit: The Clueless

Ruben Cruz, who created Aitana, explained: “One day, a well-known Latin American actor texted to ask her out. This actor has about 5 million followers and some of our team watched his TV series when they were kids. He had no idea Aitana didn’t exist.”

She has now been picked to be the face of sports supplement company Big.

Despite being revealed as an AI creation, Aitana’s ‘relatable personality’ has allowed her to maintain a genuine connection with her followers.

The agency has invested in crafting a convincing personality and “life” for Aitana, leading to lucrative opportunities.

Her personality is described as warm, giving, and helpful, with a strong emphasis on connections with others and mutual support.

Aitana’s success reflects the growing trend of AI-generated models and influencers in the marketing industry.


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