VUELING AIRLINES is adding pet snacks to its in-flight menu for the winter- making it the first European carrier to cater for non-human travellers.

The Barcelona-based company has hooked up with Belgian pet food company Edgard and Cooper- known for its sustainable products made from natural ingredients.

The pet menu will include chicken bars and beef bites costing €3.50 and €5.50 respectively.

Vueling allows pets such as dogs, cats, birds (excluding birds of prey), and turtles/tortoises on board as long as they can be carried in an approved pet carrier that is not rigid and is no heavier than eight kilos with the pet inside.

A Vueling spokesperson said that a ‘significant number of its customer base’ travels with pets and there was a demand for such a service.

“We are trying to be diverse,” he added.

Booking a pet seat in Spain costs €50 going up to €60 for the Canary Islands, but the company does not allow animals on flights to and from the United Kingdom.

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