A 28-year-old man has died after throwing himself from a seventh floor balcony while high on hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The tragic event took place during the early hours of December 31 in Castellón de la Plana, near Valencia. 

The incident occurred in the Camp de Morvedre urbanisation at around 3am. 

An urbanisation in Camp de Morvedre, Castellon de la Plana.
The building where the incident took place. Photo: Google Maps

Policia Nacional are now investigating the young man’s death. 

Speaking to La Informacion, they confirmed that the man had been out partying with four friends when they decided to take the mushrooms. 

According to El Mundo, the young man became violent after taking the mushrooms, threatening his friends, throwing furniture off the balcony and breaking various items. 

His friends promptly called Emergencias and Policia Local and Nacional attended the scene. 

Officers found the man perched outside one of the flat’s windows, clinging to the railings. 

They attempted to convince him to return to safety but the young man threw himself from the seventh floor. 

The commotion woke up many neighbours, many of whom were present at the scene. 

According to La Informacion, the man’s ex-girlfriend was also present after being alerted to the incident by the victim’s friend. 

It is believed the pair had recently broken up.

The tragic events are now being investigated as ‘suicide induced by hallucinations’. 


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