A BRITISH woman who has lived in Palma since 2016 has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise €10,000 for cancer research in memory of her late husband who died last November.

Meg Williams hopes to reach the total by getting people to join her swimming 555 kilometres- the equivalent of the Mallorca coastline.

The money will go to the Fero Foundation where Meg’s husband Philip James Baber volunteered in clinical trials to fight his stage four terminal prostate cancer.

He was diagnosed with the condition in May 2009 at the age of 47.

“It was very hard and serious for him, he was very young,” Meg says.

The idea of organising this sporting challenge came as a result of a challenge that Philip himself took in 2020 to raise funds.

Meg Williams said: “He managed to raise €7,000 for Cancer Support Mallorca and did lot of sports to have more time with his daughters (Farrah, 13, and Alexa, 11).

“The doctors told him that exercise was good for him after chemotherapy.”

Meg and other volunteers began the challenge of swimming the 555 kilometres last month, as her husband told her that when he left he ‘didn’t want any regrets’.

Meg believes that they will achieve ‘their sporting mission before the summer’.

“We swim to fight cancer and honour Philip who as a surfer with a great passion for the sea-a place where he has happy.”

So far €5,418 have been raised which will help fund access to gene therapies for patients suffering from prostate cancer.

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