IF you want to earn top dollar in Andalucia, you want to head to the big cities. 

A new report has, unsurprisingly, identified Sevilla and Malaga as the top earners, boasting average salaries of €18,259 and €18,280 respectively. 

These cities are known not only for their rich cultural heritage but now also for providing some of the most lucrative job markets in southern Spain.

Conversely, the picturesque but less affluent towns of Huelva and Jaen present a stark contrast, with average earnings of €14,811 and €15,205 respectively. 

However, Jaen’s feeble salaries are still a whopping 37% higher than the provincial average, highlighting the economic challenges faced by workers in Andalucía’s smaller municipalities.

However, overall the news for workers is largely positive – if you are a man.

The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalucía’s recent study reports a 5.8% increase in the region’s average salaries during 2022, setting them at €17,233 gross per year.

On the other hand, the gender pay gap persists, with men earning 24.6% more than women. 

This disparity translates to €18,995 for men compared to €15,247 for women annually. 

Age further influences earnings, with individuals over 40 years commanding higher salaries than their younger counterparts.

The size of a municipality also plays a significant role in salary levels. 

Workers in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants earn an average gross salary of €20,474, significantly higher than those in smaller towns, who earn €15,464.

Job stability is another critical factor affecting earnings. 

Those with continuous employment throughout the year reported an average salary of €25,653, starkly higher than €8,042 for those with part-time employment.

Among larger municipalities, including Algeciras, Dos Hermanas, Jerez de la Frontera, Marbella, and Roquetas de Mar, Granada and Seville lead with the highest salaries, while Roquetas de Mar and Marbella report the lowest.

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