TWO teenagers have been arrested in Spain after the body of their mother was found inside a car.

The parent’s corpse was discovered with ‘obvious signs of violence’ in Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, at around 9pm last night.

According to local newspaper El Diario Montañes, the woman was found gagged and the car was parked in a garage in calle Monte Cerredo.

One of the arrested is less than 14 years old, meaning he cannot be charged with a crime as he is under the age of legal responsibility in Spain.

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The mother’s body was found gagged and in a parked car, reports local media (Stock image)

It is not yet known how old the other child is. The victim’s name is reported only as Silvia L.G.

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After she was discovered, police initially assumed it was a case of domestic violence at the hands of a partner.

They sent out a search party to look for her children, who were found at around 2.15am this morning in Cotolino, Cantabria.

Regional minister Eugenia Gomez de Diego told media that it is believed one of the children killed the mother.

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