A COMPANY making and distributing erotic toys on the Costa Blanca has become a major success story and is currently enjoying a boom period up to Valentine’s Day.

Diversual in Sant Joan d’Alacant started off a decade ago as an online erotic toy seller, but it now manufactures 60% of the products it sells under its own name- netting €4.2 million in turnover.

The firm was founded by Fernando Martinez and Puria Shahdoost-Rad selling ‘renowned’ erotic brands, with the business quickly taking off.


It claims that its marketing, good service and increasing orders from repeat customers allowed Diversual to grow and to sell its own items.

The company employs around 20 people and relies heavily on customer feedback to provide important details to a team of sexologists and sexual health experts to make products that are perfectly tailored to individual needs.

Diversual CEO, Fernando Martinez, said: “We started manufacturing because we saw a lot of shortcomings in the models of many brands that had not been updated since the 90s.”

“Clients were asking us for recommendations for specific items and we just didn’t have them, so we decided to make toys with the sizes, shapes and functions that people were looking for and wanted,” added Fernando.

He said that things have developed so far that their customers say that they manufacture the best erotic toys on the market.

Most of Diversual’s products are also widely sold on online market-places such as Amazon and over the coming months they are expected to be available physically in erotic stores and sex shops.

The firm already has nearly 150 different items designed by its in-house team and collaborates with local companies to make the goods including the packaging which is entirely produced in Onil.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day this Wednesday, Diversual says it has already experienced an estimated 64% growth in demand- something that has been increasing at this time of year.

It adds that erotic toys are increasingly present in the sexual lives of a wide range of ages and genders.

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