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Spain is the second-best country in the world for work-life balance, according to global HR experts

ACCORDING to HR experts, Spain is the second-best country in the world for work-life balance. 

Seeing family, friends and relaxing are important parts of life in Spain.
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Siestas, lots of holidays and long evenings, Spaniards have lots of time to relax outside of work. 

In comparison to the UK, where most people work 9-5 with a short break, Spain’s work-life balance is enviable. 

So it’s no surprise that it was named the second-best country in the world for work-life balance according to Remote. 

The international HR company analysed data from 60 countries with the highest GDP, giving them a score out of 100. 

They looked at factors like sick leave, healthcare, annual leave, maternity leave and overall happiness. 

Spain scored 75.55, with 36 days of statutory annual leave.  

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Mothers get 16 weeks of paid maternity leave (at €100 a week) from the state and if you fall ill, you are paid an average of 60% of your wage. 

According to the study, the minimum hourly wage in Spain is €7.41, but this is compensated by an average happiness level of 6.48 out of 10. 

An ordinary work week is 25.9 hours, including part-time work. 

In comparison, New Zealand came out on top with a score of 79.35. 

Despite coming in first place, Kiwis get less annual leave than Spaniards, with 32 days. 

However, their sick leave percentage is higher at 80% as well as maternity leave allowance, at around €98 for 26 weeks. 

Their minimum wage was €8 a week, for 26.3 hours worked. 

Overall, the country had a happiness index of 7.2, 0.8 higher than Spain. 

After Spain, France came third, followed by Australia, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. 

The United Kingdom was in eighth position, with an average happiness score of 6.94 out of ten. 

Brits get 28 days of annual leave, £96 a week for sick leave, 39 weeks of maternity leave at £24 (€27). 

The minimum wage was £10 (€11.70) for 25.6 hours worked. 

In ninth and tenth place were Canada and Brazil, respectively.

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