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What tips and ideas do you need to consider to increase your rank up speed in Fortnite

Fortnite is an active shooter in the battle royale genre, where 100 players fight for top 1 status on the game map, where the winner receives the best Fortnite ranked boost, but the rest of the players will be in fairly favorable conditions, especially those who take high positions and do not die in the first stages of landing and will survive even the first narrowing of the game map.

Warm up

Many players simply stand still and wait until the loading timer for all players ends and the match participants get on the plane and prepare for a combat mission.

You can run around with your character, shoot with different weapons and just get a feel for the hero before the first battles, so as not to play things out along the way, sacrificing the first match for the sake of practice.

Immediately think about the landing zone

The plane will fly along a random trajectory, which is selected each time for any map, and based on this dotted line you can calculate your path and think about at what stage you want to leave the plane. Remember that you also need to keep an eye on the bulk of the players, so as not to start disembarking at the same time as all the players, ending up in the chaos of the battle.

You can choose three conditional landing zones:

  1. The edge of the map is the most disadvantageous type of zone, because from these points you have to get to the safe zone after the first reduction of the game map and the start of the storm cycle.
  2. Zones with a pair of houses – You can easily distinguish them by the presence of a pair of houses on the game map. If large numbers of players do not land there, then these are quite advantageous zones, because there will always be a large amount of equipment and weapons and the opportunity to choose between them, and not take what comes to hand.
  3. Large cities are the most adventurous zones, because they have a lot of cases with equipment and many players land there to have fun and quickly determine the fate of the match – either kill a lot of enemies and continue on the path to top 1 status and boosting in Fortnite, or die and immediately go looking for new matches for your gameplay.

Finding the best weapon

Usually, at the beginning of a match, players are happy with any automatic weapon, regardless of its quality, but you shouldn’t dwell on it.

Firstly, all weapons are of quality, ranging from rare to legendary, as evidenced by the color and lighting when on the ground.

The higher the quality, the higher the damage and rate of fire, so you should always strive to upgrade your weapon at every opportunity.

This can be done from cases, drops from killed opponents, or an airdrop that once per match sends valuable supplies to a random point on the map that is located within the current combat zone.

Try to look for automatic and assault weapons that allow you to destroy enemies at any distance and even break down fortifications.

The higher the quality of such weapons, the better.

You will also have a slot for a secondary weapon, but there are some nuances:

  • The pistol is only effective in close combat with opponents without serious armor.
  • Shotgun – effective in close combat, deals virtually no damage at a distance, a bad idea for Fortnite rank boosting.
  • Automatic weapons are a good option for quick fire at close to mid-range, but cannot compete with assault weapons for versatility and targeting for long-range attacks.
  • A sniper rifle is an ideal secondary weapon, especially if it is of minimum Mythic quality, to conduct reconnaissance and eliminate enemies from a safe distance, but you need to learn how to shoot while moving – understand the deflection of the sight, and then the number of kills will increase.

Medicines and grenades

Try not to neglect the tools that directly ensure your survival.

These are first aid kits that will allow you to relatively quickly restore your health and continue your journey and boosting in Fortnite from scratch.

Grenades can be explosive and stunning – in any case, they pull the initiative of the battle in your direction, because the enemy either loses the opportunity to shoot from the dance grenade, or quickly leaves cover so as not to die from the explosion.

Construction and materials

Fortnite is the only project in the battle royale genre that uses the mechanics of collecting resources and using them to build shelters and hills that will help you in battle and during Fortnite rank boosting.

You will be able to cut down trees, mine stone with a pickaxe and collect metal and throw them into buildings with a density depending on the type of shelter.

Of course, wood will be a cheap, but weak option in terms of stability, so you must learn to quickly restore them and alternate with shots so as not to lose the combat initiative, otherwise you will simply be pushed through.

Stone and metal will be much denser, but they will also be more difficult and longer to find.

Shelters can be built not only upwards, but also to the sides, and the best players know how to instantly rebuild in battle and fire at opponents while remaining safe.

Storms and battle zone

The game map will gradually shrink, and you need to be prepared for this, otherwise you will simply lose all your health, even without battles.

Beware of storms that can start spontaneously in a random zone and if you do not leave this zone, you risk dying in it.

The first shrinking of the game map will begin approximately 5 minutes after the main landing phase and will mark a place that will shrink further, and the zone will be selected randomly.

The map will be reduced three more times until the battle site becomes a small arena, where all the remaining players will decide among themselves in battles who will receive top 1 status and the highest rank increase in Fortnite.


If you are an adventurous player and confident in your abilities as a shooter, then you can try to get to the air drop zone, which drops a case with a guaranteed strong weapon, but of a random type.

It could be a legendary rifle, machine gun, pistol, shotgun. Players are usually drawn to the zone and therefore there will often be shootouts and ambushes, for which you just need to be prepared, because in pursuit of an adventure you can prematurely interrupt your match and lose the chance to boost your rank in Fortnite.

Conclusions on tips for progressing and boosting rank in Fortnite

Fortnite is a unique project that took the best of PUBG and added its own mechanics and construction system to the gameplay.

To increase your chances of winning, you should consider the maximum competition stage of 100 players and carefully consider your landing zone. The plane will fly a random trajectory each time, so you will have to improvise on the fly and select the best landing zones.

Avoid the edges of the map due to the remoteness and unpredictability in terms of finding weapons and equipment; you should not land in large cities, where there is a lot of competition and a high chance of getting a random bullet and going to a new match, ending the current game with a bad result.

It is better to choose zones with a couple of houses and make sure that many players do not land there and force you to fight, where the one who reaches the weapon first will win.

In terms of weapons, try to look for universal assault rifles, or at least automatic weapons, and as a secondary weapon, a sniper rifle for reconnaissance and destroying enemies from a safe distance.

Don’t forget to use and collect grenades and medicine to be able to start the battle with a clean slate after any injury and impose your initiative on the enemies, forcing them to stop shooting and leave their cover.

Look for wood, metal and stone to build shelters and learn to do it quickly, alternating them with shooting to protect yourself, but also not to lose the initiative and force your battle on your enemies.

Watch the playing area and don’t get caught in the storms, otherwise you will quickly lose your health. Remember that the first card reduction is random, so wait for it before you act.

If you are confident in your abilities, then fight for the airdrop and receive a random legendary weapon.

Your main tasks will remain survival and killing enemies, and the priority is the duration of your activity on the game map, because the best players are not only the one who won, but who, in principle, lasted longer than the other players and received a rank boost in Fortnite.

Materials and information that was used to write this article

  1. A general guide to the main mechanics of Fortnite and all the tips on how to use them for the benefit of newcomers to the project, prepared by Skycoach.
  2. A guide with construction mechanics and other features of the project that it is advisable to study before starting gameplay.
  3. A video guide that will help you understand the main direction of action in order to increase the number of victories and the overall survival time on the project.

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