Sunday, October 1, 2023

Craig Scott: Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Keep calm and make a stew!

From Tupac lentils to footballing fairies - it can only be the ´Mad Dog´ column

City on Fire (Part 3)

From hellish hangovers to hunchback virgins - it can only be the concluding part of Craig Scott´s Fallas Trilogy

City on Fire (Part 2)

Missing mojos, porno poker and claustraphobic cheeses can mean only one thing - Craig Scott is back with another ´Mad Dog´ encounter

City on Fire (I must be crackers!)

An unexpected phone call leads Olive Press columnist - Craig Scott, into one of his weirdest assignments yet!

A groovy kind of love

From supermarket stalking to swinging with The Krankies - here's some off-beat romance tips - "Mad Dog"-style!

The 12 Grapes of Wrath

The 'Mad Dog' Craig Scott talks violent Yogis, Bieber balls, wigless Wonkas, and a New Year to forget... in chilly Cordoba!

The nightmare before Christmas

Watching your life flash before your eyes, is rarely a pleasurable experience. Like when a doctor tells you "it's serious" - and to cancel that summer trip to Miami

Something for the ‘bottom’ of your tree

What have rapper P Diddy and Italian snapper - Raphael Muzzocco got in common?

Fancy an English?

"Get lost gazpacho!" Craig Scott investigates Spain's growing love affair with good, old British grub

I’m dreaming of a s***e Christmas

The "Mad Dog" Craig Scott gets to the bottom of Spain's crudest Christmas custom

Mad Dog versus The Occult

Forget witchcraft and baby-eating: there's a new breed of Spanish Satanists - and they're dying to share a drink with you! Craig Scott travels to Cordoba to spend a night in 'Hell'

Don’t worry – be happy!

Calling all expat Moanachondriacs. Stop bitching and bickering - it's time for an awesome autumn in Andalucia

Unexplained Spain!

In a week when the Russian government claimed to have found "indisputable proof' of Yeti existence in the Siberian Mountains, Craig Scott investigates Andalucia's strangest creature sightings...

Stripped – Review

Craig Scott cops an eyeful at Hannah Chalmers' scintillating solo show

Who’s watching your home?

Is someone stalking your casa? Craig Scott raises the alarm on Spanish home invasions and offers some offbeat survival tips...

Naked ambition

For his first fear-inducing feat, 'The Mad Dog' goes undercover at a Spanish nudist resort

Oh my cod! How rude…

As another ex-pat business bites the dust, Craig Scott reveals why the chips are down for British takeaways

A brave New World

Craig Scott's zany new blog is an exploration of the weird, wonderful and downright scary aspects of Spanish life

Spain is playing with fire

Arson in Spain - don’t let your dreams go up in smoke




British HGV driver, 30, is ‘lucky to be alive’ after being scalped in horror car crash on Spain’s Ibiza

A 30-YEAR-OLD HGV driver from Warrington was scalped and left with other serious injuries as the result of a horrific car crash on the...


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