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RANKED: The five magical coastlines of Spain’s Andalucia

To mark Andalucia Day on February 28, let's take a look at the region's wonderful and diverse coastline.
640px Ordesa Valley 4, Ordesa Y Monte Perdido National Park, Spain

TRAVEL: 12 beautiful places to see the autumn colours in Spain

BEFORE you know it, autumn will be here. What better way to welcome the season than a trip to see some of Spain's most beautiful autumnal locations. Here are twelve places in Spain to see gorgeous autumn colours: Take a trip up north to visit...
Ocean V Pic 1


ON National Day, the most important event of the year for the Rock, Gibraltar’s thriving Ocean Village is adding to the celebrations by serving up a range of entertainment, music, and food throughout the day. Only a nine-minute stroll from Gibraltar International Airport and the...
El Soplao Guardada En: 31 Mayo 2020

Travel: Exploring Spain’s buried treasures – cool caves

WHEN Spain’s peak summer temperatures start nudging 40 in parts of the country, visiting a cool, dark, damp cave sounds pretty good. The fact these hidden tourist sites are also atmospheric and spectacular is a bonus.  Sometimes the attractions are man made: The cave paintings...
Another Witch Credit Jo Chip

BEWITCHING: How a small white village in southern Spain conjured up a wizard of...

GRAB your broomstick, don your witches hat, it’s time to fly up to the bewitching mountain village of Soportujar. The village, in the heart of the Alpujarra region, is rapidly becoming known as Spain’s village of spooky vibes. A sort of theme park based on ‘brujas’...

SPAIN’S ROBIN HOODS: Retracing the steps of famous Andalucian bandits who took from the...

In Andalucia during the 18th and 19th centuries, bandits were flamenco dancers, bull-fighters, smugglers and travellers, writes Diana Tang and Grace Lee
Michael Portillo

Michael Portillo shares poignant journey following in footsteps of his exiled father who fled...

Former UK minister celebrates his 40th wedding anniversary and retraces his father’s steps during his civil war escape from Spain
Andauernde Hitze: Trockenheit In Der Spanischen Region Extremadura

Secrets from the deep: As reservoirs dry up across Spain, long lost ancient sites...

ACROSS Spain archaeological treasures are emerging from the deep as a prolonged drought causes reservoir levels to drop to their lowest in decades. The severe drought parching Spain this summer is proving disastrous for farmers and has forced water restrictions on urban areas, but for...
Genalguacil Pixabay

Ten of the best open air museums to visit in Spain

DISCOVER 10 of the best 'roofless' museums in Spain with Kimberley Mannion.
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12 great books about Spain to read on the beach this summer

12 books about Spain for your holiday reading list, by Shannon Chaffers

WATCH: Drought reveals Spain’s own Stonehenge hidden below water level in Extremadura reservoir

A SOUTHERN European severe summer drought has allowed the Spanish Stonehenge to reappear from a dried up reservoir in the western province of Caceres. The 5,000-year-old Dolmen de Guadalperal is made up of a 26 metre diameter circle of prehistoric stones that stand up to...
Italica Roman ruins near Sevilla

15 of the Best Ancient Ruins on the Costa del Sol and Costa de...

What are your favourite little known Moorish and Roman sites in Spain?
Garc  A Lorca 1

Following the legacy of Spain’s most famous poet and playwright, Federico Garcia Lorca

On the 86th anniversary of his death on August 18, we republish Dimitris Kouimtsidis account of exploring the fleeting life of Spain’s most famous poet, snuffed out for being gay, socialist and ‘undesirable’
luxury food spain

Ten of the most desirable (and expensive) delicacies produced in Spain

WE ALL know Spain has good food. But look beyond the paella and tapas and you can discover some of the most expensive culinary delicacies the world has to offer, made right here in Spain. From an ethical foie gras produced without cruelty in...
Aerial Photo Distant View Charming Mijas Pueblo, Typical Andalus

Not just a pretty facade: Andalucia’s pueblos blancos are white for a reason

OF ALL the possible images of Andalucia, the white village set against a mountainous landscape is one of the most iconic. In provinces such as Cadiz and Malaga, the pueblos blancos shimmer blindingly under the Andalucian sun. They happen to be as pretty as a...

Bathe like Caesar: Visit the stinky Roman Empire site that put Manilva on the...

ROMAN roots run deep throughout the Iberian Peninsula but this westerly corner of the Costa del Sol really tickled Roman legion fancies for the climate,  the fishing, the farming … and for its strategic position at the gateway to the Mediterranean … and home. Stone...
Guadix Granada 22721981971

Why these pueblos in Spain should be on your travel bucket list this summer

EVERY cloud has a silver lining and for some villages you may never have heard of in Spain, the COVID-19 crisis has been an opportunity to shine and show off their uncrowded, idyllic spaces. Traditional tourist hotspots like Marbs and Palma de Mallorca have been...
La Inglesa Winery

La Inglesa: The extraordinary love story behind a winery in the heart of Spain’s...

NESTLED in the heart of Andalucia you can find the Sierra de Montilla (Cordoba), an unexpected paradise for wine lovers. Often eclipsed by the nearby historically famous wine region, Jerez, Montilla-Moriles is actually where the best vines in the world of the Pedro Ximenez variety...
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LATEST: What you need to know about travelling to Spain from the UK

WITH the peak summer holiday season now in full-swing, here’s the run down of the rules for those travelling to Spain from the UK. Post-Brexit Entry requirements Since Brexit, UK travellers are limited to visiting countries in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in...
Nerja Cave Px Here

Pigments of the imagination: Why you should be seeking out caves in southern Spain...

Looking for somewhere to cool off this summer? Visiting southern Spain’s amazing caves tell the story of early human culture, with Shannon Chaffers
Jockeys Ride During A Race Along The Beach In Sanlucar De Barrameda

How to spend a weekend in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain’s 2022 capital of gastronomy

The tucked-away seaside town of Sanlucar de Barrameda is fast-becoming everyone’s favourite weekend spot, writes Sorrel Downer.

Why Valencia should be on every traveller’s bucket list when visiting Spain

Architectural masterpieces, history aplenty and even the Holy Grail. Shannon Chaffers takes a poke around Valencia
Paella Vv 19877 1024 Foto Mike Water

‘You’ll never get it right first time’: Lessons from paella cooking school in Spain’s...

‘You never get paella right the first time’: What happened when novice cook Graham Keeley tried his hand at cooking Spain’s most famous dish
beer Photo:Marcos Paulo Prado / Unsplash

Cerveza por favor? How to order a beer in different regions of Spain

FOR many English speakers, the very first thing they learn how to do after landing in Spain is to order a beer. While ‘una cerveza, por favor’ is certainly a good start, anyone who spends time beyond a brief holiday on the costas will know...
Inland travel Valencia region

TRAVEL SPAIN: Five destinations to explore inland from Spain’s Costa Blanca this summer

Inland areas offer visitors historic and artistic wonders, nature walks and incredible food away from the crowds.
Romeria Vikinga Galeria1 1.jpg 1476000910 1

Why a village in Spain’s Galicia is about to be invaded by marauding vikings

SPAIN has more than its fair share of bizarre festivals, but the one that takes place on the first Sunday each August, in a town in Galicia, is most definitely one of a kind. Few may know that you don’t have to travel to northern...

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