Wednesday, February 26, 2020

E-cigs “no safer than the real thing”

Spanish study reveals electronic cigarettes inhibit lung function just as much as regular cigarettes

Offering renewed hope in the fight against cancer

New cancer support organization meets in Carvajal, Fuengirola

Get your SEVEN-a-day

Extra veggies can reduce heart disease risk, study shows

Spanish doctor ordered to pay up for mis-diagnosis of Wolf Man

A Madrid court found the medic guilty of not carrying out essential check-ups

Guernsey turns to Spain to plug healthcare gap

Guernsey looks to Spain to plug health worker shortfall

‘Death test’

Scientists have patented a test that tells you how long you have left to live

Wine drinkers have reason for cheer

Moderate consumption can help prevent depression

Exercise myths

Lisa Marie offers her advice

Insure your health

Linea Directa guarantees patients will require less treatment through its medical treatment service

Skin cancer risk for drivers

Wear sunscreen... even behind the wheel

Summer health kick

Follow these five steps to a healthier lifestyle during the summer months

Kids’ cardiac threat

New Spanish research urges children to exercise in order to prevent heart disease

British Surgical Clinic to offer open day for hernia patients

The Clinic opens its doors to check hernia patients free of charge

Heat stroke risk for children

Doctors urge parents to exercise extreme caution with children in the heat of summer

Spain faces EU legal action over EHIC refusal

Brussels takes action following complaints of 'illegal' hospital bills for tourists

Gazpacho – it chills your blood!

Research suggests eating the traditional Spanish soup can lower blood pressure

Weeding makes you wee

A spot of pruning, digging or mowing in your free time could help you stay trim

Use your mobile phone to help detect skin cancer

New app will help give early warning of skin cancer

Ditch the itch

Herb specialist Sue Rodgers reveals the best natural remedies for avoiding hay fever

Mum campaigns for better awareness of Tourette’s Syndome

A mum, who now hopes to help others, has described her heartache after discovering her son has Tourette’s Syndrome.

Massage therapy on rise in Spain

Complimentary health technique used to treat a wide range of ailments

Fighting the fat in Spain

Discovery of fat regulating gene could help combat obesity

Cancer survivor owes life to doctors in Spain

Elaine Wheeler was told by her UK doctor there was nothing wrong with her but almost three years later Spanish doctors told her she had cancer

Expat drivers in Spain required to take medical test

A new directive will mean people driving on a UK licence will be forced to undergo a sight, hearing and co-ordination test

Preventative health care tips for pensioners

Dr Raymond Prats looks at ways pensioners can stay healthy

Alternative health on the rise across Europe

Increased uptake of complementary medicine as patients explore alternatives