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Amnesty International slams Spain and Morocco for migrant death disaster in Melilla

AMNESTY International has accused Spain and Morocco of trying to cover up what happened in the enclave of Melilla on June 24 when dozens...

Amnesty International report calls on Spanish government to ban rubber bullets 

THE LATEST report from Amnesty International on Spain is calling for the government to ban the use by police of rubber bullets, which it...

Large Francoist symbol to be removed from Costa Blanca city square in Spain despite right-wing opposition

A major Francoist symbol in Elche is to be removed and replaced by an open-air museum of memory to victims of the Spanish Civil...

Amnesty International slams Spain over failure to investigate nursing home deaths during COVID pandemic

AMNESTY International slammed Spanish prosecutors for their failure to launch proper investigations into the deaths of tens of thousands of elderly residents in nursing...

Mallorca rapper Valtonyc who ‘insulted’ Spain’s royal family faces new extradition hearing in Belgium

A Mallorcan rapper who fled Spain in 2018 after insulting the monarchy has another extradition hearing to fight off. In May 2018, performer Valtonyc, real...

Babies among hundreds stranded on rescue ship as Amnesty International calls on Spain to intervene

A week after they were rescued from the Mediterranean, the 121 people, including 30 children and two babies remain aboard the overcrowded vessel

Belgian court refuses to extradite Spanish rapper charged with glorifying terrorism

A BELGIAN court has rejected a Spanish request to extradite rapper Valtonyc sentenced to prison for charges related to insulting the monarchy in his...

Eight people involved in bar fight in Spain facing 50 YEARS behind bars after being charged with terrorism offences

AMNESTY international has blasted Spain's anti-terrorism laws after eight men were charged with terrorism offences for being involved in a bar brawl.  The fight, which...

Spain lambasted by Amnesty International for torture, mistreating refugees and curtailing free speech

A report accuses Spain of using the 'glorifying terrorism' offence to limit free speech

King Felipe urged to ‘demand human rights’ after Spain strikes €40 million arms deal with Saudi Arabia

The sale was delayed for around six months amid fears that the weapons would be used in Yemen

Spain takes a ‘step backwards’ in curbing powers of judges

Spanish MPs curb the powers of judges to pursue foreign human rights cases

Poverty risk in Spain

Report shows that fifth of the country is living in 'extreme poverty'

Let he who is without sin…

Bartie ponders the death penalty

Spanish police still using torture

Amnesty International says not enough is being done to prevent it





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