KingFelipeA €40 MILLION arms deal between Spain and Saudi Arabia has finally been pushed through.

The sale was delayed for around six months amid fears that the weapons would be used in Yemen.

However, the deal has now been brokered on the eve of King Felipe’s royal visit to the Middle East.

Felipe VI’s was originally scheduled for to visit in January, but his trip was cancelled after the Saudi kingdom executed 47 people.

Anti-corruption party Podemos and Catalan party ERC are openly opposed to the arms deal and the royal visit, while Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera has asked the king to ‘demand respect for human rights’.

A letter from Amnesty International sent to the King as also urged him to use his influence to end the ongoing attacks on Yemen’s civilian population which have killed at least 7,000 people so far.

Saudi Arabia is one of the Spanish military industry’s top clients, purchasing €546 million-worth of equipment in 2015 alone.

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  1. Most of the politicians make waves (not big waves) about Saudi Arabia’s human rights etc. etc. but it’s simply talk. Deals go through because it brings in money. MONEY, Important stuff if you’re sort of it. Saudi isn’t & they’ve plenty of countries queuing up to sell them anything and everything from kettles to arms & jets & gunships.

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