Palma MajorcaIT’S time to rewrite the travel guides, tear down the road signs and reregister every property in Palma (or is that Palma de Mallorca).

For the third time in eight years the Mallorcan city has changed its name.

Dropping the ‘de Mallorca’ the Balearic island’s capital is now to be known as Palma after a vote in regional government.   

Made Palma in 2008 by the PSOE, the PP brought back Palma de Mallorca in 2012 before the latest name change.

Claiming that the ‘de Mallorca’ tag is a ‘left-over’ from the Franco-era, the PSOE have long campaigned for Palma to be called Palma.

But it is unlikely to remain Palma for too long, with the PP vowing to reattach the ‘de Mallorca’ if it regains power.

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