30 Nov, 2016 @ 09:06
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Almeria marijuana farmers play Mozart to crops

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mozartCULTURED marijuana farmers have been playing classical music to enhance the growth of their crops.

In a scene, worthy of hit TV show Breaking Bad, the music-loving criminals played a permanent loop of Mozart and Vivaldi to encourage faster growth.

Police in Almeria were left amazed when they raided their warehouse in Almeria.

The gang had utilised the method, it emerged, at various isolated farmhouses they rented in the province.

Each farm was protected by CCTV and armed guards were employed to watch over the entrances.

The music is believed to have alleviate any potential ‘stress’ the plants could have been feeling.

Elias Tempton, a weed grower at the legal medical marijuana dispensary in Denver in the US, said the that the melodies of Chopin and Beethoven have also been seen to increase the drug’s potency.

“You can notice a difference,” he said, “They don’t need it to be loud, they just need it to be audible.”

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. Marijuana growers = criminals. Legal drug barons – nicotine and alcohol who kill by the million are respected and dictate policy to governments across the world – you simply could’nt make it up. Death from marijuana = zero. Biggest negative, fools who smoke joints which contain the heavily addictive and deadly tobacco.

    The press are guilty of keeping this word association going – nothing short of brainwashing on an international, industrial scale. Item – alcohol and drugs is the classic example – alcohol is a narcotic aka people easily become addicted to it, result murder, rape, violence against women, the list goes on and on BUT the alcohol barons are extremely powerful and get plaudits and honours from governments across the world.

    The nicotine barons have fought for years using verminous lawyers to protect their interests. As, very reluctantly they have lost ground in the developed world they have increased their efforts in the third world using the classic drug dealers technique of offering free-bees until they have hooked their ‘clients’ who are mostly children.

    I know who the criminals are, does’nt any rational person?

  2. Unsurprisingly in America, the biggest industries or lobby groups which fight against cannabis decriminalization and legalisation (& pump the most money into that) are as follows.
    1. Pharmaceutical corporations, 2. Police unions, 3. Private prison corporations, 4. Prison guard unions, & number 5. Alcohol and beer companies.
    It seems that certain people don’t want to do a proper days work and would rather just harvest easy picking, low hanging fruits to bolster or enhance their positions. Whilst others simply don’t want the general public presented with a healthier and much more pleasurable alternate which will ultimately remove profit from their pockets.

  3. You missed one Robert. The Thought Police. Cannabis tends one toward introspectioin and quite often that cogitation leads to realisations The Man would rather have unrealised.

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