Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Spanish opera star Montserrat Caballe sentenced for tax fraud

The 82-year-old world-renowned soprano has been handed a six-month suspended jail sentence after admitting to fraud

Former Catalan president Jordi Pujol’s eldest son dished out millions of corrupt money to siblings

Son of former Catalan president distributed millions from Andorra bank accounts

Spain falls far behind Portugal and France, Europe’s biggest boozers

Spain falls far behind its neighbours in vino consumption despite being the main wine exporter

Banco de Madrid files for bankruptcy after money laundering allegations surround parent company

The Andorran parent company BPA accused of laundering money for organised crime groups

Spanish tennis star Arantxa Sanchez Vicario confesses she is ‘in ruins’ because of her father

The icon is suing her father and brother for spending her €45 million fortune

Three people arrested in art forgery investigation

Fake works by Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Henri Matisse were discovered

Pujol family hid ‘multi-million euro’ fortune overseas, say police

The former Catalan president claims the money was his late father's inheritance and not the product of corruption