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Tens of billions of Pounds leaving the UK ahead of EU referendum

Cash is leaving the UK at its fastest rate since the 2009 financial crisis

Interesting times

Richard Alexander looks at the possibility of a negative interest rate

Green stocks set to rise

Bank of England boss Mark Carney reveals €39 billion is set to disappear from fossil fuel companies

Inflation… where?

It's like trying to find a needle in haystack, writes Mark Rickard

Keep an ‘aye’ on the pound

Mark Rickard discusses the influence of the Scottish referendum

Big thumbs up from Germany

By columnist Mark Rickard

Boost for Euro over Sterling after IMF comments

Columnist Mark Rickard breaks down the current status of foreign exchange

Rolling commentary

Columnist Mark Rickard, of HiFX, needs solace after the World Cup


Weekend COVID-19 totals are under a SIXTH of early February figures in Spain’s Valencian Community

A total of 1,231 new COVID-19 cases were reported since last Friday in the Valencian Community according to regional health ministry figures...