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Podemos politician calls for Columbus statue to be removed from Spain’s Barcelona amid anti-racism protests

A HIGH ranking Podemos politician in Catalunya has called for the statue of Christopher Columbus to be removed from Barcelona.

The biggest myths about Christopher Columbus as Spain celebrates ‘Hispanic Day’

CHRISTOPHER Columbus stares out at the Atlantic Ocean and tells his son the world is like the orange he is peeling: round, not flat....

Experts discover Christopher Columbus anchor with Mallorcan pottery in centuries-old Caribbean shipwreck

The new discovery, off the Turks and Caicos islands, is believed to be linked to Vicente Yanez Pinzon - a Sevillan sailor who was part of the Columbus expeditions

Hispanic Day gets underway as Spain celebrates Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to America

Hispanic Day, or Fiesta Nacional de España, sees everything from naval parades in Madrid to planes painting Spanish flags across the country’s skies

Left-wing politicians slam Spanish national day as ‘celebration of genocide’

Barcelona's mayor described national day as a celebration of genocide

Junipero Serra: Saint or sinner?

To Pope Francis he was a Spanish missionary worthy of sainthood, to others he was the devil incarnate

Christopher Columbus’ hidden dock found in Huelva

Archaeologists discover the exact place Columbus set sail for the New World in Huelva

Prickly issue for British expats

Expats ordered to court to remove prickly pears from their garden

Columbus was a Catalan Jew

Explorer's final fascinating discovery