Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Criminals may soon be identified at airports by how they WALK thanks to British and Spanish researchers

This system could soon be in place at airports just like fingerprinting and eye-scanning technology

Violent gang which robbed houses with fake guns pretending to be police officers busted on Costa del Sol

The criminal group carried out 15 violent attcks in Mijas, Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Marbella and Estepona

WATCH: The moment a violent gang which robbed cars in Andalucia to sell to drug traffickers is busted in...

Three were arrested in Cadiz for stealing expensive 4X4s from residential areas, which were then sold to drug traffickers in La Linea de Concepcion

Operation Smurfs uproots criminal gang in Valencia after 100 burglaries were reported

Police raid uncovers hundreds of weapons and goods in excess of €60,000.

Spain under pressure to arrest 20 alleged Franco-era war criminals

The ex-officials include two former Cabinet ministers

Spanish police on the hunt for British fugitives

Two Brits are among a five-strong group of targets

Luck runs out for one of “unlucky 13”

Lee Willis, who was thought to be on the run in Spain, is arrested in Bolton after six months on the run

TV trouble on the Costa del Sol

Expats trap well known TV installation conmen, but despite taking €3,000 for doing no work discover it is not a criminal matter