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Slender Health Nutrition is the Costa del Sol company specialising in diabetes management, menopause management and weight loss

Slender Health Nutrition also offers help with digestive issues, hormonal problems, skin problems, fatigue, sleep problems and much more

How diabetes can affect your eyesight and what you can do about it

How to spot telltale signs of eyesight damage due to diabetes, by Specsavers Opticas in Marbella

Cambridge Weight Plan brings innovative new treatment to Spain for diabetes sufferers

It has become so successful in the UK that the NHS uses it as the first-port-of-call for diabetes treatment.

Europeans to live two years longer by 2030

A new infographic by the World Health Organization has compared life expectancy now to predicted expectancy in 2030

Eating fish linked to avoiding diabetes

It lowers the risk of contracting type two diabetes

Five cups of tea per day could protect you from stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes

Tea must be green or black, as herbal teas and the rooibos variety do not count

Spanish coffee drinkers are battling major illnesses, says Harvard report

Harvard report says coffee can reduce the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular illness, neurological disease and even suicide

Ask the Optician: Why should I have an eye test?

Leighton Griffiths from Specsavers Marbella explains the importance of regular eye tests

Charging your phone at night can make you fat!

Researchers have revealed that charging a mobile phone or tablet in your bedroom can make you gain weight

Artificial sweeteners may cause diabetes, says new study

Diet drinks also allegedly disrupt the body's ability to regulate blood sugar

Mediterranean diet helps prevent diabetes

It doesn't just help reduce dementia, new research suggests it's diabetes too!