CoffeeTAKE another guilt-free sip of cafe con leche or even order another, because a major new study says coffee can prolong your life.

The Spanish love of a well-roasted bean is legendary, and the Harvard School of Public Health report says coffee can reduce the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular illness, neurological disease and even suicide.

As well as its possible antidepressant effects, the study found that a moderate amount of coffee can benefit Parkinson’s’ sufferers.

But Harvard scientist Dr. Frank Hu said the study of coffee was complicated by the fact that so many coffee drinkers smoke.

“We found that the health benefits of coffee are more pronounced, or evident, in people who don’t smoke,” Dr. Hu said.

“In other words, smoking actually masks the potential health benefits of drinking coffee.”

The data was obtained from tracking more than 200,000 men and women for about 30 years.

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