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Jurassic Expo: Largest exhibition of life-size animated dinosaurs is coming to Spain’s Malaga

THE largest exhibition of life-size animatronic dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Tour, is coming to town. If you live or are planning on visiting the Costa del Sol...

New fossils of large dinosaur unearthed in Spain’s Teruel

RESEARCHERS working in Teruel, Spain, have discovered new fossil remains of a giant dinosaur. Excavations by the Teruel Dinopolis United Paleontological Foundation at the El...

Dinosaur man provokes extreme reaction at Easter procession in northern Spain

EASTER processions in Spain are usually a sombre affair where the costumes are typically pointed hoods and long tunics.  But one man stood out after...

Fossilized footsteps discovered in northern Spain reveal the Usain Bolt of dinosaur world

PALEONTOLOGISTS studying a series of fossilized footsteps unearthed in Spain’s La Rioja have discovered more about a meat-eating dinosaur that was pretty fast on...

JURASSIC PARK: New species of dinosaur discovered in Spain’s Castellon

A NEW species of dinosaur has been discovered in Castellon province in Spain's Valencia region. Investigators working at the Portell de Morella (Els Ports) archaeological...

MYSTERY: Police in Spain investigate death of man found trapped inside dinosaur statue

POLICE in Catalunya are baffled after the body of a 39-year-old man was found inside a dinosaur statue in a suburb of Barcelona. The alarm...

Inside the dinosaur theme park with zip wires, excavation zones and hiking trails coming to Spain’s Costa del Sol

A HUGE ‘Jurassic’ theme park with zip wires and dinosaurs has been announced for the Costa del Sol. The huge development, designed for families, features...

Dinosaur footprint uncovered in Spain

Researchers in the region have taken the print for further examination

Winged dinosaur found in Spain

A 75 million-year-old dinosaur egg has been found in Spain
spain finds huge dinosaur femur

The land that time forgot

Spain is littered with traces of ancient man, remains of dinosaurs and proof that Neanderthal man held his last stand in Gibraltar just 24,000 years ago. After a 6ft thigh bone of a dinosaur was found in Teruel, the Olive Press sent Wendy Williams to investigate




Spain’s inflation rate reaches lowest number in almost two years

INFLATION in Spain is at its lowest rate since July 2021 with core inflation- excluding food and fuel prices- down for the third consecutive...


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