POLICE in Catalunya are baffled after the body of a 39-year-old man was found inside a dinosaur statue in a suburb of Barcelona.

The alarm was raised by a father and son who, after detecting a powerful smell emanating from the papier-mâche figure on Saturday, investigated further and peered through a crack.

They thought they could see a corpse hidden within the hollow leg of the Stegosaurus and called the emergency services.

A team from the local fire brigade in Santa Coloma de Gramenet cut open the statue and found a man had died after becoming trapped inside.

Estatua Del Dinosaurio Donde Se Ha Encontrado El Cadaver.r D.233 133

The man has been identified as a 39-year-old although his name has not been released to the media.

Police are now investigating the cause of death and how the man, who had been reported as missing hours earlier by his family, came to be trapped inside the dinosaur.

It has been reported that he may have become wedged upside down inside the leg of the dinosaur after climbing in to retrieve a mobile phone.

The statue, which stood outside a cinema in front of the Cubics Centre in Santa Coloma de Gramenet has now been dismantled.


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