A ROYAL NAVY veteran has been arrested as the alleged kingpin of an international drugs smuggling gang.

More than  one-and-a-half tonnes of hashish, three boats, five luxury cars as well as a fake gun, bladed weapon and a drone were seized in the operation that took in the luxury resort town of Sotogrande (Cadiz).

Police and tax inspectors made 10 arrests in the provinces of Malaga, Cadiz and Ceuta as they busted the British-led gang.

The head is alleged to have used the nautical skills he picked up in the British navy to set up military-style smuggling operations.

Yacht Seized
Police seize one of the yachts

Officers say he had been on their radar screen for years, although this operation did not start until 2020.

Police decided to shine a spotlight on the so-called leader of the gang, who lived a luxurious lifestyle in Cadiz.

He owns several companies that buy and sell as well as rent out boats- with the gang using the vessels to smuggle drugs.

Police also allege that he created front companies to whitewash the money made from drug deals.

Officers say the gang was highly professional, and used private boats to reach secluded spots for meetings in a bid to avoid police surveillance.

During the investigation two yachts were seized while being used to smuggle drugs – one in Ceuta marina and the other in Sotogrande.

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