Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Why you shouldn’t write off Algeciras just yet

If Lonely Planet authors had been passing through during Algeciras Entremares earlier this month, they’d be in a flurry to update

Ronda is a cobbled gem where visitors are quickly transported back in time, writes Jed Neill

IF you were planning for a tour guide but forgot to book in advance... don’t worry, just follow your feet and Ronda will do...

‘Lost’ manuscript reveals Orson Welles dislike for Ernest Hemingway’s macho interpretation of Spain

Welles and Hemingway traded blows during the making of film The Spanish Earth, after the author called the director ‘a faggot’

Ronda statues to honour American artists Hemingway and Welles

Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway spent many summers in Ronda and will now be immortalised there

Spanish fiesta heads to Britain

A play based on Earnest Hemingway’s first novel, The Sun Also Rises, has now opened in the UK

Famous Spanish cafe sold

The legendary Cafe Gijon, a favourite of Ernest Hemingway and Eva Gardner, could be forced to close

Who lives in a house like this? The celebrities who live in Spain

One of Europe’s top haunts for celebrity holidays, is it any wonder a few of them have bought and settled here too, asks James Bryce

Have suitcase will travel

PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Priceless hoard of Spanish Civil War photos found in a suitcase to go on display in Spain next year. Copyright Magnum Pictures