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Newly-discovered documents reveal secrets of the Irish International Brigades

The Irish hero of the International Brigades sent men home to save their lives

No pasaran

After the death of Britain’s last Spanish Civil War hero David Lomon, Mason Jones looks at the incredible bravery and sacrifice the men of the rag-taggle army of the International Brigades made coming to fight Franco in Spain

Leading Hispanist criticises new book on Spanish Civil War

Paul Preston described David Haycock's book as 'totally wrong'

Ernest Hemingway’s Spanish muse dies

Maria Sans inspired a character in the American author's Spanish Civil War tome For Whom the Bell Tolls

Mass Civil War grave found in northern Spain

Discovery follows news that 4,000 Brits fought Franco, more than double the number previously stated

Brigade hero dies

Hero of the International Brigades, Sam Russell, has died age 95