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PACMA slam Spain’s government for awarding €30,000 to Andalucia’s bullfighter known as ‘the Pirate’

Padilla nearly lost his life in the bullring in 2011 when a bull ripped his eye out after the animal mauled him on the ground

WATCH: One-eyed matador in Spain scalped during brutal bullfight (WARNING: Distressing footage)

Despite the gruesome attack the matador is set to to perform one last bullfight

Spain’s pirate-matador gored in the face AGAIN five years after losing his eye

Five years after losing his left eye in a horrific goring, Juan Jose Padilla has taken another horn to the face

Arguing about the bullfight

When I wrote a piece on Granada’s first corrida of the season a few weeks ago, I knew that it would provoke reaction, and I anticipated that most of that reaction would consist of disapproval, if not outrage

‘The Pirate’ returns to the bullring

Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla has come back fighting

Spanish bullfighter down, but not out

Blinded in one eye and with a crushed cheekbone... but Juan Jose Padilla vows to fight on

An eye-popping recovery for Spanish bullfighter

Surgeons say Jerez bullfighter could fully recover after being gored in the face and nearly losing an eye

Spanish matador left blind in one eye after being horrifically gored through the head

Juan Jose Padilla, gored by bull ‘Marques’ during Zaragoza's Fiestas Del Pilar [Warning this article contains graphic images]


Dutch anti-squatter solution arrives in Spain as government progress grinds to a halt

THE scourge of squatters across the country will now face a new hurdle as a fresh Dutch initiative arrives in Spain for...