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Why was Winnie the Pooh banned in Spain ahead of Chinese president’s state visit this week?

Police stopped a man dressed as the lovable children’s book character from appearing in front of Xi's motorcade as he went to receive the keys to the city

Manuela Carmena wants to rename Franco’s Valle de los Caidos

Madrid mayor proposes calling controversial site 'Valley of Peace'

Jailing of ‘terrorism’ puppeteers in Madrid sparks battle over artistic freedom

Protestors march over Granada-bsed duo from theatre company Titeres Desde Abajo

Madrid mayor invites 200 homeless people into palace for Christmas dinner

The Madrid mayor invited guests into the Palace of Cibeles to enjoy a lavish meal

Traffic problems across Madrid after left-wing mayor cuts speed to fight pollution

Thousands of Madrid commuters found themselves trapped in long tailbacks

Madrid mayor demands students sweep the streets during holidays

The reformist leader wants undergraduates to spend a few months a year sweeping the streets

Everyone deserves a holiday – give Manuela Carmela a break

Everyone deserves a summer holiday. But not if you're mayor of Madrid, according to some

Madrid mayor vows to block home evictions of 2,000 families

Public housing tenants faced losing their homes to so-called vulture fund investors

Controversial Margaret Thatcher square in Madrid to be renamed

Madrid’s new mayor has announced Margaret Thatcher square is set to surrender its name

What a Twit Zapata has been…

The Madrid councillor slammed for anti-semitic tweets years ago should know better, writes our man in the capital, Mario Alegria