Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Shock resignation of regional boss in Spain

Esperanza Aguirre was among the favourites to succeed Mariano Rajoy as PP leader

Spain dismisses need for urgent bailout

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tells parliament that rescue fund may not be needed

Spanish PM defiant over bailout conditions

Mariano Rajoy insists Spain will not seek rescue package if EU demands further cuts

Obama backs Spain through testing times

The US president has pledged his support amidst the continuing economic recession
demonstrators clash with police in madrid

Spain pays the price of financial folly: As airports and luxury flats stand empty as monuments to Spain’s overspending,...

The Daily Mail’s top features writer David Jones considers the reasons behind Spain’s current strife

Spain will need bailout of between €51-62 billion, according to official audit

Figures announced just days after world leaders urge Rajoy to seek formal rescue package

Spanish Prime Minister warns of tough times ahead despite €100 billion bailout

Mariano Rajoy claims negative growth will continue and unemployment will rise further

Spanish Prime Minister issues warning over borrowing costs

Mariano Rajoy urges European Central Bank to resume emergency measures to help weaker countries

Delving into a dark Andaluz hole

Andalucia’s huge and unknown debt is proving to be an obstacle to growth

Brand new cuts to target foreigners in Spain

Ten billion euros more is to be slashed from health and education, the PP has announced

Don’t worry, be happy!

Despite the general strike and further austerity cuts, American academic Jack Gaioni insists on five good reasons why the Spanish should still be optimistic…

Shocker for Spain

No April Fool as government introduces seven per cent rise in electricity in new austerity budget

Spain approves new transparency law

Spaniards will finally be allowed to see 'who is spending their money'

Med Corridor to… come down the Med

Government changes plans to prioritise freight and AVE route along the coast and NOT inland through Serrania de Ronda

Spain ‘very likely’ to be punished for delaying austerity measures

Rajoy is likely to be sanctioned by the EU for announcing the new budget AFTER March's regional elections

Unemployment to get even worse, says Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy has said the 23 per cent rate is likely to rise even further in 2012

IMF foresees two more years of recession in Spain

The budget deficit is predicted to be 6.8 per cent this year - although Rajoy sees things more positively

Turn off the gas, Rajoy!

Spain's new leader will have the ultimate say in whether to allow the prospecting for gas off the Costa del Sol

Rajoy’s deputy dubbed ‘the most powerful woman in Spain’

The youngest member of the new cabinet has a whole range of important duties

Rajoy gets sworn in, then names cabinet

The new PM was sworn in by King Juan Carlos, then named his cabinet

Rajoy promises deep public spending cuts as Spain’s economic outlook ‘couldn’t be darker’

In first address to new parliament PP leader reveals plans to introduce a freeze on public-sector jobs, move public holidays to Mondays, stop early retirements and cut the deficit by 16.5 billion euros

Spain gets a new government

The conservative PP party has won a record victory in the general election dominated by the country's looming debt crisis

Race of the Number Twos

Spain to choose between two leaders with low ratings in next Sunday's general election

The ultimate insult for Brit relative of Spanish Civil War victim

Grave of woman raped and murdered during Civil War has been 'smashed to buggery' by right wing mayor




Trial date for Madeleine McCann suspect is FINALLY revealed: Paedophile Christian Brueckner, 46, will face multiple rape and sexual...

MADELEINE McCann suspect Christian Bruckner will finally go on trial on February 16 next year, it can be revealed. German prosecutors have confirmed it...


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