Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Mayor of ‘communist utopia’ Marinaleda Juan Gordillo wins NINTH election in a row

The IU candidate has been top of the tree in Marinaleda since 1979

Supreme court closes case against communist mayor Sanchez Gordillo

The Robin Hood figure was being investigated over the use of town hall funds for hiring buses for the Andalucian Workers Party

‘Robin Hood’ mayor acquitted of supermarket raids

Communist Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo was accused of orchestrating raids on supermarkets last summer

Gordillo prepares for a summer of protests

The controversial radical mayor launches a new summer campaign of direct action around Andalucia

Meeting the Spanish ‘Robin Hood’

With unemployment at 33% in Andalucia, and 5.7 million without work in Spain, the Olive Press meets the radical mayor who has become a cult figure by leading the mass food raids to feed the poor